How to Reduce Sooting in Candles

How to Reduce Sooting in Candles

Step 1: Buy high quality candles. If you're buying your candles from Celebrating Home Direct, you can check that off as "done". But, when you notice soot building up or excess smoke when you extinguish your candles, there are some other measures you can take. Here are some quick and handy steps to reduce or even eliminate sooting in your candles. 

What causes soot?

Discovering what causes soot is a good first step in eliminating it. Soot from a candle is caused when there is incomplete combustion of the fuel. In layman's terms, the fuel (liquid wax) is being drawn up the wick to the flame. If the flame is disturbed, the fuel is not being delivered consistently and too much is delivered. The excess fuel is expelled as soot and smoke. Something you probably don't want. 

Avoid placing candles in drafty areas

Drafts from vents, open windows, or fans can disrupt the flame in your candles and cause sooting. Choose a spot that is free from drafts and you'll notice a big reduction in smoking and sooting from the candle. Watch the flame on your candle. If it's consistently steady, there are no drafts. If it dances or bounces, try another spot.

Try Candle Cappers or Snuffers

If you're using jar candles, try using a candle capper or snuffer when you extinguish your candle. Candle cappers regulate airflow in and out of the jar and help to reduce sooting. Jar candles can produce more sooting when the wick has burned further down into the jar due to the distance between the flame and fresh air. Candle cappers help to regulate that fresh air flow and that reduces the soot.
Using a candle snuffer not only reduces the chance of splattering hot wax on your nice things, it also reduces smoke. And, it looks very elegant and refined to onlookers and guests (bonus!).

Trim the wick

This is the easiest and quickest way to reduce sooting. Keep candle wicks trimmed to about a quarter inch. If you notice that the flame is still bouncing or unstable even when free from drafts, blow the candle out and trim the wick a little shorter. Repeat this when necessary as the candle burns down.

Buy well-made candles

Candles purchased from Celebrating Home Direct not only have the highest fragrance throw, they're made of a high quality soy wax blend, highest quality fragrance, and have the highest quality braided cotton wicks to ensure a long burn life for your candle. We have a large variety of candles available. We offer the highest quality candle for great prices - as much as 50% below market. And we're not just blowing smoke! 

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  • Raquel Navarro
    Raquel Navarro

    Yo trabajé por 14 años home interiors estube muy contenta gracias por su cervicio espero y llegué pronto mi pedido. también trabaje para celebratinghomedirect.

  • Doralis

    I would like to know who makes your candles and where? In the USA?

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    Maria E Ramos

    Do you have to register to become a member. Can anyone purchase direct? I have purchased candles before and love them. And yes it brings memories to mind.

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    Clarence H Brannon

    enjoyed a previous scented candle “Butterscotch Coffee”. Any idea where I can buy it. The lid said “Clebrating Home”

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